Life Work and Aural & Visual Creations

Audio Production - Confidence & Personal Development - Stage Craft - Visual Production
Scheduling Available

Nikko: Drink It All Tonight - Iris Isoa: Release - Barbara Munoz: (LYUT)
Music Co-writing & Production

S&C trip Remix EPs Available at Soundcloud

Dig (ft. incubus) - Drive (ft. incubus) - Watermelon Sugar (ft. Harry Styles)

JD The Demo Songs & Remixes Available at Soundcloud

Up (Some Kinda Way) - Would You Mind (ft. Janet Jackson) - Burning Down the House (ft. JD The Demo Cover of Talking Heads) - No Ordinary Love (ft. Sade)

East Of June Live Concerts Available at YouTube

S&C provided Video Editing for Live at EastWest Studios & Live in Studio Five
and Video Projections for Live from Studio Two

Incubus' Morning View Live Concerts

S&C provided Live Room Visuals & Vibe Coordination in 2001 & 2021
2001 Morning View Sessions Available at YouTube
2021 Morning View Livestream Available at YouTube

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S&C's Ridin' Music Video Available Now At Vimeo & YouTube

S&C's Prince+Dua Lipa I Would Die 4 U Don't Start Now Remix at YouTube

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Music Creation
Visual Representation
Vibe Coordination
Style & Imagination

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- Treasured S&C Clients & Performances -

U2: ZooTV Outdoor - Sony: Aibo Robot Dog - AEG/Goldenvoice: Coachella
Interactive Art Direction - User Interfaces & Experience Design
VJ Direction & Live Performances (Gobi Tent 1999, Sahara Tent 2006-2009)

Kahlida: The Door - Azanri Love: DangerXus - Truth Hurts: Smoke
Music Co-writing & Production

iScreensaver Designer's Featured Screen Saver Showcase
- JD The Demo's Burning Down The House -
Installers Available for macOS and Windows - Download Details